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2010 Wausau Area Small Businesses of the Year | Wausau, Wisconsin

Small Business of the Year AwardCongratulations 2010 Wausau Area Businesses of the Year!  We would like to recognize two businesses in our area that were awarded as Small Business of the Year for 2010 by the Wausau Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Each year the Wausau Chamber awards two area small businesses as the Small Business of the Year and this years awards went  to Home Insulation company, Inc. and Becher Hoppe.

Home Insulation Company, IncHome Insulation Company, Inc. has been serving the Wausau area since 1938.  Always the innovators, Home Insulation developers are marketing their “snug fit” product where the technologically driven insulation fits into every crevice nook and cranny.  The innovative products are designed to save homeowners precious dollars and works to enhance efficient energy use.  For more information about Home Insulation Company, Inc. click here.

Becher HoppeBecher Hoppe began as an engineering and surveying firm back in 1954.  Today Becher Hopper is located right at the heart of our Central Business District. Premier architectural services round out their firm’s offerings.  Becher Hoppe offers an array of services to municipalities(site development plans), business (expansion and development work) and individuals (home and small business solutions).  For more information about Becher Hoppe click here.


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