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Safety Tip at The Workplace: How To Use The Fire Extinguisher.

fire-extinguisher-iconThere are many safety issues at the workplace whether in the office or on the warehouse floor.  One major issue is Fire Safety and the use of the Fire Extinguisher.

All employees should once a year go through Fire Safety.  There are few is safety factors that all employees should know by heart about Fire Safety.

The first and foremost is the use of the fire extinguisher.   Each employee should know the location of the closest Fire Extinguisher to their workstation.   And second, each should know how to use the extinguisher.

Many have a fear of the fire extinguisher as if it were a bomb that will explode when they touch.   As a matter of fact it is so simple to use that grade school children can use one (depending on its size).

To keep it simple, one only needs to remember the acronym P.A.S.S.:

  • P – Pull the pin.
  • A – Aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire, not the top.
  • S – Squeeze the trigger.  In short blasts.  This makes the extinguisher last longer.
  • S – Sweep the spray of fire extinguisher back and fore across the base of the fire.

Once a year all employees should attend a fire safety meeting to practice with a fire extinguisher.  A good place to practice is in the parking lot during.  It is less messy there.  Consider the cost of having an extinguisher recharged is nominal compared to the cost of fire damage or injury or even death.

You may contact your local Fire Department for an on site training.  Most Fire Departments have training programs already in place to come to the worksite.

In addition the knowing how to use an fire extinguisher, all employess should know the location of the nearest exit and where to meet to outside the building.  This is first of additional Safety At The Workplace posts.