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New Medicare Tax Imposed on Real Estate Sales of “High-Income Earners” | Health Care Reform

New Medicare Tax Imposed on Real Estate Sales of “High-Income Earners”.  Many of you have heard about the new Medicare Tax on investment income, including income from real estate.  However, based upon several calls the Wisconsin Realtors Association has recieved, confusion still exists about when the new tax goes into effect, who it applies to, […]

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Ark Rhowmine - Commercial Real Estate Broker

Why Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker | Wausau, Wisconsin

Commercial Real Estate Brokers are Business Minded people who understand their commercial clients’ needs and are driven by the economics of a transaction. Commercial Real Estate Brokers have an in-depth knowledge of commercial properties, valuations, financial alternatives and available economic incentives.  In addition, they are connected with the decision makers of the community and work […]

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Cap Rate a Method to Determine the Value of Investment Properties

Many investors and appraisers use a Cap Rate (Capitalization Rate) to determine the value of investment property. The Cap Rate is calucaled by determining the ration between the purchase price (Value) and the Net Operating Income (NOI) of the property.  The formula being: Cap Rate = NOI / Value or R=I/V.    Likewise, the Value or […]

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Self-Directed Retirements Plans & Opportunies for Small Accounts | IRAs & 401kS

Tax Liens on Raw land, Building lots, Single-family homes, Multi-family homes, Vacation properties excellent opportunies for those investors with small accounts to start investing in real estate properties. While some investments require a large amount of cash, tax liens can provide investment options for small accounts. Here’s how it works: When a property owner does […]

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Changes in Lending and Obtaining Commercial Financing | Commercial Real Estate | Wausau WI

The following are notes taken at a presentation by a regional bank to Grubb & Ellis | Pfefferle Commercial Brokers on December 8, 2009 Profile of Banking Past:  Assumption that bank funding will be available Little to no equity Push for limit or no personal guarantee High appraisal values Many banks actively lending – – […]

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IRS Issues Commercial Real Estate Loan Modifications Guidance

Today, I was reading an e-newsletter from Reinhart Headlines in Real Estate Law regarding new guidelines Commercial Real Estate Loan Modifications issues by the IRS.  I felt this would be of interest to some and thought it worth passing on. “On September 16, 2009, the Internal Revenue Service issued highly anticipated guidance that will allow some commercial […]

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Become a Financial Detective When Investing in Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate | Wausau WI

When comparing real estate investment purchases due diligence is of the utmost importance to your efforts.  Like any business or investment, owning real estate has risks.  You may accept higher or lower risk levels but you need to know the facts in order to weigh the risk/reward opportunity.  How can you know if what you […]

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