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Why Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker | Wausau, Wisconsin

Ark Rhowmine - Commercial Real Estate BrokerCommercial Real Estate Brokers are Business Minded people who understand their commercial clients’ needs and are driven by the economics of a transaction.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers have an in-depth knowledge of commercial properties, valuations, financial alternatives and available economic incentives.  In addition, they are connected with the decision makers of the community and work regularly with Towns, Villages, Cities and the State regarding zoning, re-zoning, conditional use, wetlands, set-backs and building permit processes.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers have developed sophisticated property databases and have access to a wide variety of material that will assist them in marketing, searching, negotiating and representing their clients in the most professional manner possible.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers are professionals who specialize exclusively in commercial real estate.


Ark Rhowmine | Commercial Real Estate Advisor | Broker
NAI Pfefferle
327 N 17th Avenue, Suite 303 | Wausau | Wisconsin | 54401
C: 715.297.1953 | F: 715.261.0454

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