Vacant Land

Vacant land is real estate with no structures or buildings of significant value. It is sometimes referred to as raw, unimproved, or undeveloped land and has potential for commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, recreation, or mixed-use development.

As a licensed professional Commercial Real Estate Broker, Ark Rhowmine is trained and specializes in listing and selling vacant land within the State of Wisconsin, and in assisting buyers in search of the perfect piece of land for their project or development.


Owners and sellers of vacant land should contact Ark Rhowmine for information on listing your land, what services he provides to sellers of vacant land, and how he will market the sale your land for you so that you get the best price.

Ark will help you establish a fair listing price, advise on the preparation of your land for sale, and will assist you through all steps of the sale process, including closing procedures. View services provided for sellers.

Investors / Buyers

 Ark Rhowmine can work as a Buyer Agent for you. He will assist you with due diligence, provide comparable market analysis, and will negotiate on your behalf.

He will also perform intense searches across the State of Wisconsin, to locate exactly the type and size of land you are looking for.

Ark Rhowmine
Commercial Real Estate Advisor 

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